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Are You Strutting Around Naked?

Posted on May 15, 2014 by Comments are off

Do you puff out your chest a bit when the subject of planning for the future comes up? If your job has a plan to which you contribute and you tuck a little away each month toward your child’s college costs, you probably do.

First, kudos to you for thinking ahead! Before you get too proud of yourself though, let’s revisit a common story from childhood. Remember the one about the Emperor’s New Clothes?

So keen was the Emperor on having the finest of things, that he believed the weavers who sold him clothing of the very finest material. Indeed, material so fine that those who are unfit for their position, stupid, or ignorant could not even see it. Of course, the truth was they sold him very expensive air while they laughed at his foolish pride.

Are your shiny future plans much more than a false sense of security? Are you living proud of your planning, when in fact you would leave behind financial devastation? If you were to pass away tomorrow, how long could your family continue in the lifestyle you have planned for them without your income?

The newest smart phone, a late model vehicle, beautifully manicured lawn, these are all nice things to have. They scream to the world, “Look at my fancy new clothes! If you can’t see them, it’s because you are unworthy!”

So, let me be the child screaming simple truth: If you don’t have disability insurance and life insurance, you’re strutting around naked.

Some people have a policy provided by their job and think it is sufficient. If you’re in the same boat, give that a little thought. Insuring your life includes a lump sum to pay for funeral expenses and to pay off existing debt. While valuable, is it enough provide the cash your family needs as monthly income? Not costing your family money is far different than providing for them.

While you are living and working, you bring in an income. To truly insure your life means to insure that income. You probably plan on working at least another ten years, and for many it is likely closer to twenty or even thirty. How much income will you bring home over the course of that time? Whatever the figure is, add that to existing debt and funeral expenses to come up with what would fully insure your life. There are plenty of calculators to help you with this.

It may be much more enjoyable to parade through life like the emperor with no clothes. They do say ignorance is bliss. Envious neighbors and shiny new stuff is kind of fun, let’s be honest. If we’re going to be honest, we may as well broach the fact that it is simply dark and unpleasant to consider your own demise.

The truth is that you probably are naked though, in terms of life insurance. Truly insuring your life for your family will feel far better than those fine but fake clothes ever will. Once they sell that new car and dip into the college fund to make the mortgage and utility payments, those grand things aren’t worth much. It is the difference of a finely-made winter coat that keeps one warm through many winters, or the stylish fad of worthless clothing the emperor was suckered into buying.

What’s the Real Cost of Being Uninsured?

Posted on January 14, 2014 by Comments are off

Have you ever considered not having insurance?  Dropping the insurance you currently have in order to “save money?”  Many people have.  This article takes a look at what it really costs you to be uninsured, and if the “cost savings” are worth it.

Everyone knows the cost of insurance can get expensive.  And in today’s world, everyone wants to cut costs as much as possible.  Insurance is a common expense people look to cut.  Is this a wise choice?


Health Insurance

According to Healthcare Bluebook, below are the average costs that are considered “fair price” for various common medical and dental procedures:

  • $39 to $272 for an office visit for an existing patient  – depends on the severity of your issue, the treatment involved, and the length of time you’ll spend with the doctor. 
  • $83 to $387 for an office visit for a new patient.
  • $636 to $5,100 for a visit to the emergency room (not including an overnight stay at the hospital if needed) – depends on the severity of the problem and what tests and scans are needed.
  • $74 average cost for teeth cleaning, not including fluoride (though dental costs are some of the most widely varying fees across the country).
  • $10,091 to have your appendix removed – one of the most common and simplest of surgical procedures.


Those are just average costs, based on healthcare providers across the United States. Healthcare Bluebook also points out that the cost of in-network procedures can vary by over 400%, depending on where your care is provided.

Imagine having to pay those costs on your own, without any help from insurance. Just a simple visit to your family doctor could easily cost a hundred bucks.  Multiply that by the number of people in your family and it adds up quickly.  Not to mention anything serious happening that requires hospitalization or surgery.

If you have insurance, however, you would know that your medical costs wouldn’t go over a certain amount (your deductible, or out-of-pocket maximum).  Plans range in terms of the cost to you and what is covered, but you can certainly find a plan that limits your financial burden and gives you peace of mind.


Long-term Care Insurance

The average price for nursing homes in the Pittsburgh area is $9,720 per month, according to the CaregiverList.comAnother source cites that the cost for a single-bedroom unit in an assisted living facility can range $1,995 to $5,600 per month.  If your loved one (or you) prefers to stay at home and receive at-home care, 24-hour care in your home can run around $310 per day.  That’s $9,300 per month, and over $110,000 for an entire year!

These are just examples, but they are real numbers from real facilities. Imagine being in your seventies, eighties, or nineties, and needing long-term care, and not having insurance to help cover those costs!  Foregoing LTC insurance could end up costing you nearly $10,000 each month!


Life Insurance

Unlike health or auto insurance, not everyone necessarily needs life insurance. If you have debt or dependents (be that children or a spouse), who you would like to provide for financially upon your death, then life insurance is for you.

Waiting until you are 65 years old to purchase life insurance could cost you over $500 more each month, than if you had purchased a comparable plan in your thirties, forties, or even fifties.

It certainly does not pay to wait to get life insurance.  Remember, the real cost of being uninsured when it comes to life insurance is the added burden and strain on your family upon your passing.  Paying as little as twenty or thirty dollars a month now (depending on your age and lifestyle) could drastically reduce or even eliminate that burden.

So, do you need insurance? That’s your call.  Hopefully this article showed you what it could very well cost you much more if you choose to go uninsured.





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